Introducing Queen’s Young Leaders Ahmad, Aditya and Deane

Mar 12, 2018
Hannah Donovan

Each week we are introducing you to the 2018 Queen’s Young Leaders, sharing their stories and celebrating the incredible work that they are doing in their communities. Take a look at last weeks post featuring Sela Kasepa from Zambia, Ayman Sadiq, and Zaiba Tahyya both from Bangladesh.

This week we are getting to know Ahmad Fadillah Sellahhuddin from Brunei Darussalam, Aditya Kulkarni, and Deane De Menezes from India.

Ahmad from Brunei Darussalam

Ak Ahmad Fadillah Akhbar Sellahhuddin - Brunei DarussalamAhmad is the co-founder of Projek Bina Ukhwah, a youth movement that aims to create safer and more hygienic living conditions for people in need. In its first eight months, the group raised more than B$35,000, distributed $6,000 worth of food packs, and built houses for two families living in poor conditions.

In addition, the organisation runs a Family Empowerment and Economic Development Programme which mentors families and provides them with funding to start their own small businesses. Ahmad has also been a member of the Brunei Darussalam AIDS Council for 14 years, where he raises awareness of HIV/AIDS through education.

“I am grateful to be given the opportunity to meet the inspiring impact makers and youth leaders, to learn from them and bring back the knowledge and skills to my home country to be shared with our inspiring young leaders in Brunei Darussalam.”

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Aditya from India

Aditya Kulkarni - IndiaAditya is developing mobile health solutions to help reduce maternal and child mortality in areas with limited health resources.

He is the co-creator of CareMother, a mobile and online platform that connects health workers to gynaecologists and empowers them to carry out regular doorstep antenatal check-ups to pregnant women in any setting. The app enables women to monitor their pregnancy, health workers to early identify any potential or emerging high-risk complications and gynaecologists to schedule timely interventions or follow ups. Within the last two years Aditya and his team have worked with more than 15 organisations and provided affordable care to more than 30,000 pregnant women in over 800 villages in India, Bangladesh and Kenya.

CareMother has also created more than 100 jobs for health workers and has led to significant improvements in how antenatal care is delivered at a grassroots level.


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Deane from India

Deane De Menezes - IndiaDeane is determined to tackle the stigma around menstruation in India. She is the founder of Red is the new Green, a project which aims to end the embarrassment felt by women and girls about their periods, while providing eco-friendly solutions to tackling sanitary waste.

In 2016, Deane started a pilot scheme at a school in Mumbai, which installed low-cost sanitary towel vending machines and incinerators on campus and delivered awareness-raising sessions to students. As a result of its success, both in reducing female absenteeism caused by menstruation and improving the disposal of related waste, the project has now been extended to 11 schools and has reached over 15,000 women and girls. Deane has introduced the project to hospitals, colleges and self-help groups in her aim to take her work and message to all sections of society, regardless of age, gender or income.

“It’s an honour to get a chance to meet this fantastic group of people who are making a difference in the lives of people in their communities.”

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