Who will the Programme help?

Jul 08, 2014

The Queen’s Young Leaders Programme aims to discover, celebrate and support inspirational young people aged between 18 – 29 from across the Commonwealth who have shown exceptional leadership qualities and who have transformed their own lives and the lives of those around them. An active network of young leaders across the Commonwealth will be created through both through awards to individuals and grants to organisations.

Awards will be given to young leaders from all backgrounds, from all walks of life and from all Commonwealth countries. Evidence of an individual’s achievements, and their potential to achieve great things through exceptional leadership, will be of highest importance in the shortlisting process.

To ensure that Awards are given to individuals who would benefit the most, priority will be given to young people whose voices are not usually heard and to those individuals who have overcome adversity or achieved success despite experiencing challenges within their lives. For example, individuals who have overcome poverty, stigma or discrimination, conflict or violence or lack of voice.

Grants will be given to organisations in selected Commonwealth countries that can demonstrate they are improving the lives of young people. The grants will enable organisations to help young people to gain access to new skills, employment and enterprise opportunities, and empower young people to participate in decisions affecting their lives.

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