The Queen’s Young Leaders need you!

Apr 20, 2015
QYL award winner Mallah Enow Tabot

QYL award winner Mallah Enow Tabot

Do you want to help to train the next generation of global leaders? Then the Queen’s Young Leaders programme needs you.

The team is currently recruiting mentors from every country around the Commonwealth to play a role in supporting the global leaders of the future.

This exciting opportunity will see the volunteer mentors carefully matched with Queen’s Young Leaders award winners and highly commended runners up who have proved themselves to be leaders in their communities.

The mentoring needs of the participants will vary, but may include influencing policy, international development, organisational strategy, business skills, access to funders and networks, pastoral support, management expertise, communications and media, networking and idea development.

Mentors can be any age, but will have extensive experience of one or more of these areas, often in senior leadership roles. The mentoring can take place face to face, or by telephone, email or Skype.

The aim of the mentoring is to strengthen the skills and confidence of the award winners so that they are better placed to continue to change the lives of those around them. They will also take part in an online course, Leading Change, from the University of Cambridge to help them develop their project.

The team is looking for the following mentors:

Personal mentors, who will be matched on a 1:1 basis with a mentee (approximately 30 hours over six months)

Non-assigned mentors, willing to offer expertise and advice on an as-needed basis (up to eight hours over six months).

Mentoring will take place between May and October each year. For more information, please click here.

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