Introducing Queen’s Young Leaders Reekelitsoe, Chikondi and Pilirani

Jan 15, 2018
Hannah Donovan

Each week we are introducing you to the 2018 Queen’s Young Leaders, sharing their stories and celebrating the incredible work that they are doing in their communities. Take a look at last weeks post featuring Shadrack Frimpong from Ghana and Douglas Mwangi from Kenya.

This week we are getting to know Reekelitsoe Molapo from Lesotho, and Chikondi Violet Mloz and Pilirani Khoza from Malawi.

Reekelitsoe from Lesotho

Reekelitsoe Molapo - Lesotho

Reekelitsoe has been chosen as a Queen’s Young Leader in recognition of the work she is doing to encourage and enable young people in Africa to become entrepreneurs in their community and beyond.

“It’s such an honour to be a part of this remarkable group of young people who are positively impacting their societies. I look forward to the year ahead and engaging with the other Award winners.”

She is the founder of an initiative called Educate Your Peer Foundation, which encourages African young people studying or working abroad to fund the education of one of their peers back home. Through her own business, Reekelitsoe is also developing an innovation hub where she and her team will help to develop, accelerate and provide seed-funding for start-ups. It aims to address the lack of financing, market access and coaching that causes many young entrepreneurs to fail.

In addition, Reekelitsoe works closely with the Lesotho Ministry of Gender and Youth, Sports and Recreation to raise awareness among young people of the opportunities available to them, and to develop creative solutions to tackle challenges such as unemployment.

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Chikondi from Malawi

Chikondi Violet Mlozi - Malawi

Chikondi is finding new ways to improve the lives of women and children within her country.

“I am super excited to be one of the winners of the final ever Queen’s Young Leaders Awards. I mean, I am short of words; I can’t even call this a ‘dream come true’ because honestly, it is beyond my dreams.”

As a district coordinator for Youth Net and Counselling in Malawi, she helps to free girls from forced, early marriages, supports victims of abuse and provides women with mentoring opportunities. Chikondi’s work also involves using theatre and road shows to raise awareness about children’s rights. In addition, she coordinates an initiative to increase access to healthcare for people living in rural communities and has set up 17 support groups for people living with HIV.

In the future, she would like to establish community counseling centres in rural areas to offer support to children who have experienced sexual abuse.

Pilirani from Malawi

Pilirani Khoza - Malawi

Pilirani is working to provide disadvantaged young women in Malawi with an education.

After becoming the first woman in her community to attend the University of Malawi, Pilirani founded the Bunda Female Students Organisation (BUFESO) in 2012 to help young women and girls to become involved in the fields of science and agriculture. As well as offering scholarships to those who are unable to afford school fees, BUFESO employs students as interns during academic holidays and trains them on topics such as sustainable agriculture and climate change. Interns are also paired with mentors with agricultural experience.

So far, 110 university and secondary school students have been supported by scholarships, 360 women farmers have been trained and six agribusiness projects have been implemented.

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