The Queen’s Young Leaders are part of a unique network of influential voices who are changing the world. Here are the winners from 2015, 2016 and 2017 who continue to lead projects across the Commonwealth.



Chaikhwa Lobatse

Botswana flag Chaikhwa Lobatse Botswana

Efua Asibon

Ghana flag Efua Asibon Ghana

Elijah Amoo Addo

Ghana flag Elijah Amoo Addo Ghana

Winnifred Selby

Ghana flag Winnifred Selby Ghana

Chebet Lesan

Kenya flag Chebet Lesan Kenya

Domtila Chesang

Kenya flag Domtila Chesang Kenya

Towett Ngetich

Kenya flag Towett Ngetich Kenya

Virginia Khunguni

Malawi flag Virginia Khunguni Malawi

Hilda Nambili Liswani

Namibia flag Hilda Nambili Liswani Namibia

Nyeuvo Amukushu

Namibia flag Nyeuvo Amukushu Namibia

Bukola Bolarinwa

Nigeria flag Bukola Bolarinwa Nigeria

Nasir Yammama

Nigeria flag Nasir Yammama Nigeria

Kellya Uwiragiye

Rwanda flag Kellya Uwiragiye Rwanda

Yvette Ishimwe

Rwanda flag Yvette Ishimwe Rwanda

Demien Mougal

Seychelles flag Demien Mougal Seychelles

Kumba Musa

Sierra Leone flag Kumba Musa Sierra Leone

Salton Massally

Sierra Leone flag Salton Massally Sierra Leone

Aditi Lachman

South Africa flag Aditi Lachman South Africa

Chantelle De Abreu

South Africa flag Chantelle De Abreu South Africa

Farai Mubaiwa

South Africa flag Farai Mubaiwa South Africa

Nonduduzo Ndlovu

Swaziland flag Nonduduzo Ndlovu Swaziland

Favourite Driciru

Uganda flag Favourite Driciru Uganda

Joel Baraka

Uganda flag Joel Baraka Uganda

Ruth Nabembezi

Uganda flag Ruth Nabembezi Uganda

Alina Karimamusama

Zambia flag Alina Karimamusama Zambia

Natasha Salifyanji Kaoma

Zambia flag Natasha Salifyanji Kaoma Zambia


Rahat Hossain

Bangladesh flag Rahat Hossain Bangladesh

Sajid Iqbal

Bangladesh flag Sajid Iqbal Bangladesh

Ankit Kawatra

India flag Ankit Kawatra India

Suhani Jalota

India flag Suhani Jalota India

Heidy Quah

Malaysia flag Heidy Quah Malaysia

Syed Faizan Hussain

Pakistan flag Syed Faizan Hussain Pakistan

Yunquan Qin

Singapore flag Yunquan Qin Singapore

Rakitha Malewana

Sri Lanka flag Rakitha Malewana Sri Lanka

Senel Wanniarachchi

Sri Lanka flag Senel Wanniarachchi Sri Lanka

Caribbean and Americas

Lia Nicholson

Antigua and Barbuda flag Lia Nicholson Antigua and Barbuda

Jamilla Sealy

Barbados flag Jamilla Sealy Barbados

Alexander Deans

Canada flag Alexander Deans Canada

Kevin Vuong

Canada flag Kevin Vuong Canada

Eber Ravariere

Dominica flag Eber Ravariere Dominica

Rianna Patterson

Dominica flag Rianna Patterson Dominica

Michael Thomas

Grenada flag Michael Thomas Grenada

Samantha Sheoprashad

Guyana flag Samantha Sheoprashad Guyana

Abrahim Simmonds

Jamaica flag Abrahim Simmonds Jamaica

Ajani Lebourne

Saint Lucia flag Ajani Lebourne Saint Lucia

Dion Browne

St. Kitts and Nevis flag Dion Browne St. Kitts and Nevis

Matthew Batson

Trinidad and Tobago flag Matthew Batson Trinidad and Tobago

Siddel Ramkissoon

Trinidad and Tobago flag Siddel Ramkissoon Trinidad and Tobago


Eman Borg

Malta flag Eman Borg Malta

Vladyslava Kravchenko

Malta flag Vladyslava Kravchenko Malta

Alex Holmes

United Kingdom flag Alex Holmes United Kingdom

Usman Ali

United Kingdom flag Usman Ali United Kingdom


Abdullahi Alim

Australia flag Abdullahi Alim Australia

Jordan O’Reilly

Australia flag Jordan O’Reilly Australia

Madeleine Buchner

Australia flag Madeleine Buchner Australia

Ashleigh Smith

New Zealand flag Ashleigh Smith New Zealand

Johnetta Lili

Papua New Guinea flag Johnetta Lili Papua New Guinea

Theresa Gizoria

Papua New Guinea flag Theresa Gizoria Papua New Guinea

Karrie Jionisi

Solomon Islands flag Karrie Jionisi Solomon Islands

Elizabeth Kite

Tonga flag Elizabeth Kite Tonga

Runners up


Nandini Kochar

Botswana flag Nandini Kochar Botswana

Desmond Atanga

Cameroon flag Desmond Atanga Cameroon

Emilia Miki

Cameroon flag Emilia Miki Cameroon

Jude Thaddues Njikem

Cameroon flag Jude Thaddues Njikem Cameroon

Michele Valerie Njiki Djemi

Cameroon flag Michele Valerie Njiki Djemi Cameroon

Abraham Addy

Ghana flag Abraham Addy Ghana

Belinda Otieno

Kenya flag Belinda Otieno Kenya

Derrick Wanjala

Kenya flag Derrick Wanjala Kenya

Kevin Mwendwa

Kenya flag Kevin Mwendwa Kenya

Oscar Juma

Kenya flag Oscar Juma Kenya

Peter Njeri

Kenya flag Peter Njeri Kenya

Sarah Mwikali Musau

Kenya flag Sarah Mwikali Musau Kenya

Sylvia Otieno

Kenya flag Sylvia Otieno Kenya

Victor Wasonga

Kenya flag Victor Wasonga Kenya

Winnie Mangeni

Kenya flag Winnie Mangeni Kenya

Chidinma Akaniro

Nigeria flag Chidinma Akaniro Nigeria

Christiana Iyasele

Nigeria flag Christiana Iyasele Nigeria

Chukwuebuka Obimma

Nigeria flag Chukwuebuka Obimma Nigeria

Grace Ihejiamaizu

Nigeria flag Grace Ihejiamaizu Nigeria

Oluwafisayo Ajisola

Nigeria flag Oluwafisayo Ajisola Nigeria

Oluwaseun Osowobi

Nigeria flag Oluwaseun Osowobi Nigeria

Omotayo Junaid

Nigeria flag Omotayo Junaid Nigeria

Onyinye Edeh

Nigeria flag Onyinye Edeh Nigeria

Norbert Gasinzigwa

Rwanda flag Norbert Gasinzigwa Rwanda

Roselyne Mukaneza

Rwanda flag Roselyne Mukaneza Rwanda

Theodomir Sebazungu

Rwanda flag Theodomir Sebazungu Rwanda

Aminata Bintu Wurie

Sierra Leone flag Aminata Bintu Wurie Sierra Leone

Hellen Ziribagwa

Uganda flag Hellen Ziribagwa Uganda

Kandole Reagan

Uganda flag Kandole Reagan Uganda

Manisuli Miyingo

Uganda flag Manisuli Miyingo Uganda

Saddam Hussein Kiiza

Uganda flag Saddam Hussein Kiiza Uganda

Joseph Koams Sichangwa Pupe

Zambia flag Joseph Koams Sichangwa Pupe Zambia


Amiya Prapan Chakra Borty

Bangladesh flag Amiya Prapan Chakra Borty Bangladesh

Ankit Agarwal

India flag Ankit Agarwal India

Arjun Mishra

India flag Arjun Mishra India

Carl Ebenezer

India flag Carl Ebenezer India

Gopi Shankar Madurai

India flag Gopi Shankar Madurai India

Harshit Gupta

India flag Harshit Gupta India

Omang Agarwal

India flag Omang Agarwal India

Ria Sharma

India flag Ria Sharma India

Siddhi Pal

India flag Siddhi Pal India

Smriti Nagpal

India flag Smriti Nagpal India

Hong Boon Yeoh

Malaysia flag Hong Boon Yeoh Malaysia

Haider Ali

Pakistan flag Haider Ali Pakistan

Ifrah Faiz

Pakistan flag Ifrah Faiz Pakistan

Snober Abbasi

Pakistan flag Snober Abbasi Pakistan

Andy Tay

Singapore flag Andy Tay Singapore

Caribbean and Americas

Amy Bourque

Canada flag Amy Bourque Canada

Hayley Todesco

Canada flag Hayley Todesco Canada

Ibrahim Musa

Canada flag Ibrahim Musa Canada

Leanne Prendergast

Canada flag Leanne Prendergast Canada

Moiz Hafeez

Canada flag Moiz Hafeez Canada

Simei (Amy) Li

Canada flag Simei (Amy) Li Canada

Nyus Alfred

Saint Lucia flag Nyus Alfred Saint Lucia

Xuxa Garroden

St. Kitts and Nevis flag Xuxa Garroden St. Kitts and Nevis

Jonathan Bhagan

Trinidad and Tobago flag Jonathan Bhagan Trinidad and Tobago


Hannah Larkin

United Kingdom flag Hannah Larkin United Kingdom

Jade Chapman

United Kingdom flag Jade Chapman United Kingdom

Jonathan Andrews

United Kingdom flag Jonathan Andrews United Kingdom

Stuart Russell

United Kingdom flag Stuart Russell United Kingdom


Rena Ou Yang

Australia flag Rena Ou Yang Australia

Robert Gillies

Australia flag Robert Gillies Australia

Alex Bengree

New Zealand flag Alex Bengree New Zealand

Loren Skudder-Hill

New Zealand flag Loren Skudder-Hill New Zealand

Kasek Galgal

Papua New Guinea flag Kasek Galgal Papua New Guinea



Moitshepi Matsheng

Botswana flag Moitshepi Matsheng Botswana

David Morfaw

Cameroon flag David Morfaw Cameroon

Paul-Miki Akpablie

Ghana flag Paul-Miki Akpablie Ghana

Alex Mativo

Kenya flag Alex Mativo Kenya

Peris Bosire

Kenya flag Peris Bosire Kenya

Susan Mueni Waita

Kenya flag Susan Mueni Waita Kenya

Maletsabisa Molapo

Lesotho flag Maletsabisa Molapo Lesotho

Asante Mzungu

Malawi flag Asante Mzungu Malawi

Madalo Banda

Malawi flag Madalo Banda Malawi

Deegesh Maywah

Mauritius flag Deegesh Maywah Mauritius

Drucila Meireles

Mozambique flag Drucila Meireles Mozambique

Imrana Alhaji Buba

Nigeria flag Imrana Alhaji Buba Nigeria

Olanrewaju Adeloye

Nigeria flag Olanrewaju Adeloye Nigeria

Olumide Femi Makanjuola

Nigeria flag Olumide Femi Makanjuola Nigeria

Nancy Sibo

Rwanda flag Nancy Sibo Rwanda

Angelique Pouponneau

Seychelles flag Angelique Pouponneau Seychelles

Howard Nelson-Williams

Sierra Leone flag Howard Nelson-Williams Sierra Leone

Jessica Dewhurst

South Africa flag Jessica Dewhurst South Africa

Lethabo Ashleigh Letube

South Africa flag Lethabo Ashleigh Letube South Africa

Rachel Nungu

Tanzania flag Rachel Nungu Tanzania

Josephine Nabukenya

Uganda flag Josephine Nabukenya Uganda


Osama Bin Noor

Bangladesh flag Osama Bin Noor Bangladesh

Kartik Sawhney

India flag Kartik Sawhney India

Neha Swain

India flag Neha Swain India

Calvin Yoong Shen Woo

Malaysia flag Calvin Yoong Shen Woo Malaysia

Safaath Ahmed Zahir

Maldives flag Safaath Ahmed Zahir Maldives

Muhammad Usman Khan

Pakistan flag Muhammad Usman Khan Pakistan

Zainab Bibi

Pakistan flag Zainab Bibi Pakistan

Mark Jin Quan Cheng

Singapore flag Mark Jin Quan Cheng Singapore

Nushelle De Silva

Sri Lanka flag Nushelle De Silva Sri Lanka

Caribbean and Americas

Regis Burton

Antigua and Barbuda flag Regis Burton Antigua and Barbuda

Firhaana Bulbulia

Barbados flag Firhaana Bulbulia Barbados

Shamelle Rice

Barbados flag Shamelle Rice Barbados

Deidra Smith

Belize flag Deidra Smith Belize

Gunjan Mhapankar

Canada flag Gunjan Mhapankar Canada

Kelly Lovell

Canada flag Kelly Lovell Canada

Tina Alfred

Dominica flag Tina Alfred Dominica

Ali Dowden

Grenada flag Ali Dowden Grenada

Tijani Christian

Jamaica flag Tijani Christian Jamaica

Tevin Shepherd

Saint Lucia flag Tevin Shepherd Saint Lucia

Trevis Belle

St. Kitts and Nevis flag Trevis Belle St. Kitts and Nevis

Dillon Ollivierre

St. Vincent and Grenadines flag Dillon Ollivierre St. Vincent and Grenadines


Katerina Gavrielidou

Cyprus flag Katerina Gavrielidou Cyprus

Annabelle Xerri

Malta flag Annabelle Xerri Malta

Sara Ezabe Malliue

Malta flag Sara Ezabe Malliue Malta

Adam Bradford

United Kingdom flag Adam Bradford United Kingdom

Ashleigh Porter-Exley

United Kingdom flag Ashleigh Porter-Exley United Kingdom

Ella Mckenzie

United Kingdom flag Ella Mckenzie United Kingdom


Alexander Stonyer-Dubinovsky

Australia flag Alexander Stonyer-Dubinovsky Australia

Jacob Thomas

Australia flag Jacob Thomas Australia

Luisa Tuilau

Fiji flag Luisa Tuilau Fiji

Tabotabo Auatabu

Kiribati flag Tabotabo Auatabu Kiribati

Unique Harris

Nauru flag Unique Harris Nauru

Brad Olsen

New Zealand flag Brad Olsen New Zealand

Valentino Wichman

New Zealand flag Valentino Wichman New Zealand

Seini Fisi’Ihoi

Papua New Guinea flag Seini Fisi’Ihoi Papua New Guinea

Nolan Salmon Parairua

Solomon Islands flag Nolan Salmon Parairua Solomon Islands

Aiona Prescott

Tonga flag Aiona Prescott Tonga

Easter Tekafa Niko

Tuvalu flag Easter Tekafa Niko Tuvalu

Mary Siro

Vanuatu flag Mary Siro Vanuatu

Runners up


Katlego Kolanyane-Kesupile

Botswana flag Katlego Kolanyane-Kesupile Botswana

Arielle Kitio

Cameroon flag Arielle Kitio Cameroon

Theresa Morfaw

Cameroon flag Theresa Morfaw Cameroon

Abigail Agbosu

Ghana flag Abigail Agbosu Ghana

Banasco Seidu Nuhu

Ghana flag Banasco Seidu Nuhu Ghana

Dennis Kofi Padi Borti

Ghana flag Dennis Kofi Padi Borti Ghana

Kwadwo (Kojo) Sarpong

Ghana flag Kwadwo (Kojo) Sarpong Ghana

Portia Dery

Ghana flag Portia Dery Ghana

Sweetie Anang

Ghana flag Sweetie Anang Ghana

Antonia Narengi

Kenya flag Antonia Narengi Kenya

Bryan Wanyama

Kenya flag Bryan Wanyama Kenya

Carryl Masibo

Kenya flag Carryl Masibo Kenya

Catherine Nyambura

Kenya flag Catherine Nyambura Kenya

Emmanuel Ekai Nabenyo

Kenya flag Emmanuel Ekai Nabenyo Kenya

Grace Mageka

Kenya flag Grace Mageka Kenya

Irene Mwangi

Kenya flag Irene Mwangi Kenya

Jacinter Ouma

Kenya flag Jacinter Ouma Kenya

Marvine Loyce Ochieng

Kenya flag Marvine Loyce Ochieng Kenya

Lehlohonolo Mohola

Lesotho flag Lehlohonolo Mohola Lesotho

Maalina Flory Molumo

Lesotho flag Maalina Flory Molumo Lesotho

Shabbir Esmael

Mauritius flag Shabbir Esmael Mauritius

Charles Immanuel Akhimien

Nigeria flag Charles Immanuel Akhimien Nigeria

Chijindu Umunnakwe

Nigeria flag Chijindu Umunnakwe Nigeria

Godspower Oboido

Nigeria flag Godspower Oboido Nigeria

Ijeoma Idika-Chima

Nigeria flag Ijeoma Idika-Chima Nigeria

John Oluwadero

Nigeria flag John Oluwadero Nigeria

Kate Ekanem

Nigeria flag Kate Ekanem Nigeria

Victoria Ibiwoye

Nigeria flag Victoria Ibiwoye Nigeria

Wemimo Abbey

Nigeria flag Wemimo Abbey Nigeria

Emmanuel Nshimiyimana

Rwanda flag Emmanuel Nshimiyimana Rwanda

Jean Claude Muhire

Rwanda flag Jean Claude Muhire Rwanda

Busisiwe Msimango

South Africa flag Busisiwe Msimango South Africa

Dean Benjamin

South Africa flag Dean Benjamin South Africa

Khanya Funde

South Africa flag Khanya Funde South Africa

Sakhile Mngadi

South Africa flag Sakhile Mngadi South Africa

Sechaba Nkitseng

South Africa flag Sechaba Nkitseng South Africa

Tokologo Phetla

South Africa flag Tokologo Phetla South Africa

Tshepo Seloane

South Africa flag Tshepo Seloane South Africa

Tshimangadzo Tshikomba

South Africa flag Tshimangadzo Tshikomba South Africa

Elizabeth Kitange

Tanzania flag Elizabeth Kitange Tanzania

Fortunatus Ekklesiah

Tanzania flag Fortunatus Ekklesiah Tanzania

Hasna Ally

Tanzania flag Hasna Ally Tanzania

Marko Hingi

Tanzania flag Marko Hingi Tanzania

Petrider Paul

Tanzania flag Petrider Paul Tanzania

Vick John Vigero

Tanzania flag Vick John Vigero Tanzania

Brownie Ebal

Uganda flag Brownie Ebal Uganda

Charles Batte

Uganda flag Charles Batte Uganda

Nakandi Haawah

Uganda flag Nakandi Haawah Uganda

Nulu Naluyombya

Uganda flag Nulu Naluyombya Uganda

Peter Ochieng

Uganda flag Peter Ochieng Uganda

Rose Ndagire

Uganda flag Rose Ndagire Uganda

Sharifah Nabambejja

Uganda flag Sharifah Nabambejja Uganda

Stuart Akua

Uganda flag Stuart Akua Uganda


Rakibul Hasan

Bangladesh flag Rakibul Hasan Bangladesh

Aarti Naik

India flag Aarti Naik India

Charnita Arora

India flag Charnita Arora India

Srikanth Bolla

India flag Srikanth Bolla India

Linley Chai

Malaysia flag Linley Chai Malaysia

Bilawal Jamshed

Pakistan flag Bilawal Jamshed Pakistan

Fakiha Ali

Pakistan flag Fakiha Ali Pakistan

Arjun Mehrotra

Singapore flag Arjun Mehrotra Singapore

Hemamali Yasintha Rathnayake

Sri Lanka flag Hemamali Yasintha Rathnayake Sri Lanka

Poornima Meegammana

Sri Lanka flag Poornima Meegammana Sri Lanka

Shiromi Wathsala Samarakoon

Sri Lanka flag Shiromi Wathsala Samarakoon Sri Lanka

Caribbean and Americas

Asha Farrell

Barbados flag Asha Farrell Barbados

Everett Cayron Nunez

Belize flag Everett Cayron Nunez Belize

Ricky Cunil

Belize flag Ricky Cunil Belize

Jozef Kosc

Canada flag Jozef Kosc Canada

Shereen Anis

Canada flag Shereen Anis Canada

Kevaughn Ellis

Jamaica flag Kevaughn Ellis Jamaica

Nicholas Kee

Jamaica flag Nicholas Kee Jamaica

Krista Charles

Saint Lucia flag Krista Charles Saint Lucia

Wilton Jeremie

Saint Lucia flag Wilton Jeremie Saint Lucia

Patrice Harris

St. Kitts and Nevis flag Patrice Harris St. Kitts and Nevis


Farah Abdi

Malta flag Farah Abdi Malta

Alex Holmes

United Kingdom flag Alex Holmes United Kingdom

Chrisann Jarrett

United Kingdom flag Chrisann Jarrett United Kingdom

Holly Bantleman

United Kingdom flag Holly Bantleman United Kingdom

Ollie Forsyth

United Kingdom flag Ollie Forsyth United Kingdom

Patrick Mugiraneza

United Kingdom flag Patrick Mugiraneza United Kingdom


Ayesha Lutschini

Australia flag Ayesha Lutschini Australia

Jacklin Molla

Australia flag Jacklin Molla Australia

Morgan Cataldo

Australia flag Morgan Cataldo Australia

Sonia Lipski

Australia flag Sonia Lipski Australia

Elvis Kumar

Fiji flag Elvis Kumar Fiji

Alpha Gwein Jose

Nauru flag Alpha Gwein Jose Nauru

Caitlin Smart

New Zealand flag Caitlin Smart New Zealand

Joshua Savieti

Tonga flag Joshua Savieti Tonga

Lineti Latu

Tonga flag Lineti Latu Tonga



Alain Nteff

Cameroon flag Alain Nteff Cameroon

Joannes Paulus Yimbesalu

Cameroon flag Joannes Paulus Yimbesalu Cameroon

Mallah Enow Tabot

Cameroon flag Mallah Enow Tabot Cameroon

Abdikadir Aden Hassan

Kenya flag Abdikadir Aden Hassan Kenya

Caren Nelima Odanga

Kenya flag Caren Nelima Odanga Kenya

Samuel Karuita

Kenya flag Samuel Karuita Kenya

Barkha Mossae

Mauritius flag Barkha Mossae Mauritius

Karuna Rana

Mauritius flag Karuna Rana Mauritius

Mohammad Yaaseen Edoo

Mauritius flag Mohammad Yaaseen Edoo Mauritius

Tanyaradzwa Daringo

Namibia flag Tanyaradzwa Daringo Namibia

Isaiah Owolabi

Nigeria flag Isaiah Owolabi Nigeria

Kelvin Ogholi

Nigeria flag Kelvin Ogholi Nigeria

Nkechikwu Azinge

Nigeria flag Nkechikwu Azinge Nigeria

Oladipupo Ajiroba

Nigeria flag Oladipupo Ajiroba Nigeria

Jean d’Amour Mutoni

Rwanda flag Jean d’Amour Mutoni Rwanda

Nadia Hitimana

Rwanda flag Nadia Hitimana Rwanda

Philip Cole

Sierra Leone flag Philip Cole Sierra Leone

Emma Dicks

South Africa flag Emma Dicks South Africa

Nosipho Bele

South Africa flag Nosipho Bele South Africa

Patrice Madurai

South Africa flag Patrice Madurai South Africa

Nondumiso Hlophe

Swaziland flag Nondumiso Hlophe Swaziland

Angela Benedicto Mnagoza

Tanzania flag Angela Benedicto Mnagoza Tanzania

Given Edward

Tanzania flag Given Edward Tanzania

Deo Sekandi

Uganda flag Deo Sekandi Uganda

Diana Nakaweesa

Uganda flag Diana Nakaweesa Uganda

Brighton Kaoma

Zambia flag Brighton Kaoma Zambia

Regina Mtonga

Zambia flag Regina Mtonga Zambia


Shamir Shehab

Bangladesh flag Shamir Shehab Bangladesh

Khairunnisa Ash’ari

Brunei Darussalam flag Khairunnisa Ash’ari Brunei Darussalam

Akshay Jadhao

India flag Akshay Jadhao India

Ashwini Angadi

India flag Ashwini Angadi India

Devika Malik

India flag Devika Malik India

Salman Ahmad

Pakistan flag Salman Ahmad Pakistan

Kavindya Thennakoon

Sri Lanka flag Kavindya Thennakoon Sri Lanka

Thejitha Saubhagya Edirisinghe

Sri Lanka flag Thejitha Saubhagya Edirisinghe Sri Lanka

Caribbean and Americas

Alicia Wallace

Bahamas, The flag Alicia Wallace Bahamas, The

Donnya Piggott

Barbados flag Donnya Piggott Barbados

Denielle Neal

Belize flag Denielle Neal Belize

Aaron Joshua Pinto

Canada flag Aaron Joshua Pinto Canada

Melissa Kargiannakis

Canada flag Melissa Kargiannakis Canada

Rosimay Venancio

Canada flag Rosimay Venancio Canada

Kellyn George

Dominica flag Kellyn George Dominica

Leroy Phillips

Guyana flag Leroy Phillips Guyana

Jerome Cowans

Jamaica flag Jerome Cowans Jamaica

Nicole Nation

Jamaica flag Nicole Nation Jamaica

Javon Liburd

St. Kitts and Nevis flag Javon Liburd St. Kitts and Nevis

Kenville Horne

St. Vincent and Grenadines flag Kenville Horne St. Vincent and Grenadines

Teocah Dove

Trinidad and Tobago flag Teocah Dove Trinidad and Tobago


Edmund Page

United Kingdom flag Edmund Page United Kingdom

Nicola Byrom

United Kingdom flag Nicola Byrom United Kingdom

Zoe Jackson

United Kingdom flag Zoe Jackson United Kingdom


Emily Smith

Australia flag Emily Smith Australia

Kate Row

Australia flag Kate Row Australia

Alzima Elisha Bano

Fiji flag Alzima Elisha Bano Fiji

Tabitha Besley

New Zealand flag Tabitha Besley New Zealand

Christina Giwe

Papua New Guinea flag Christina Giwe Papua New Guinea

John Taka

Papua New Guinea flag John Taka Papua New Guinea

Erna Takazawa

Samoa flag Erna Takazawa Samoa

Christina Houaisuta

Solomon Islands flag Christina Houaisuta Solomon Islands

Willy Missack

Vanuatu flag Willy Missack Vanuatu

Runners up


Madelle Kangha

Cameroon flag Madelle Kangha Cameroon

Christine Ghati

Kenya flag Christine Ghati Kenya

Hope Mwanake

Kenya flag Hope Mwanake Kenya

Sarah Ndisi

Kenya flag Sarah Ndisi Kenya

Tom Osborn

Kenya flag Tom Osborn Kenya

Vane Aminga

Kenya flag Vane Aminga Kenya

Goindo Nundraj

Mauritius flag Goindo Nundraj Mauritius

Sharonice Busch

Namibia flag Sharonice Busch Namibia

Ahmed Zayyad

Nigeria flag Ahmed Zayyad Nigeria

Ebenezer Obasiolu

Nigeria flag Ebenezer Obasiolu Nigeria

Ejike Ozonkwo

Nigeria flag Ejike Ozonkwo Nigeria

Joy Tony

Nigeria flag Joy Tony Nigeria

Temitope Isedowo

Nigeria flag Temitope Isedowo Nigeria

Tobore Edema

Nigeria flag Tobore Edema Nigeria

Daniel Harerimana

Rwanda flag Daniel Harerimana Rwanda

Olivier Tuyishimire

Rwanda flag Olivier Tuyishimire Rwanda

Claire Robartes

South Africa flag Claire Robartes South Africa

Duduzile Ndlovu

South Africa flag Duduzile Ndlovu South Africa

Imaad Isaacs

South Africa flag Imaad Isaacs South Africa

Liz Joseph

South Africa flag Liz Joseph South Africa

Michael Sizwe Mkwanazi

South Africa flag Michael Sizwe Mkwanazi South Africa

Michaela Mycroft

South Africa flag Michaela Mycroft South Africa

Shadrack John Msuya

Tanzania flag Shadrack John Msuya Tanzania

Jackline Cherotich

Uganda flag Jackline Cherotich Uganda

Moses Kalanzi

Uganda flag Moses Kalanzi Uganda


Shamim Ahmed

Bangladesh flag Shamim Ahmed Bangladesh

Roli Mahajan

India flag Roli Mahajan India

Shivani Mathur Gaiha

India flag Shivani Mathur Gaiha India

Nushelle de Silva

Sri Lanka flag Nushelle de Silva Sri Lanka

Caribbean and Americas

Ariela St-Pierre-Collins

Barbados flag Ariela St-Pierre-Collins Barbados

Aian Binlayo

Canada flag Aian Binlayo Canada

Alyson Petsche

Canada flag Alyson Petsche Canada

Jeneece Edroff O.B.C.

Canada flag Jeneece Edroff O.B.C. Canada

Kaitlynn Dyck

Canada flag Kaitlynn Dyck Canada

Tommy Hana

Canada flag Tommy Hana Canada

Ivory Duncan

Guyana flag Ivory Duncan Guyana

Leonard Hoppie

Guyana flag Leonard Hoppie Guyana

Vishal Joseph

Guyana flag Vishal Joseph Guyana

Samantha Khan

Trinidad and Tobago flag Samantha Khan Trinidad and Tobago


Alex Clark

United Kingdom flag Alex Clark United Kingdom

Jessica Starns

United Kingdom flag Jessica Starns United Kingdom

Jo Taylor

United Kingdom flag Jo Taylor United Kingdom

Marion Osieyo

United Kingdom flag Marion Osieyo United Kingdom

Rosina St James

United Kingdom flag Rosina St James United Kingdom

Stayce Nimusiima

United Kingdom flag Stayce Nimusiima United Kingdom

Whitney Iles

United Kingdom flag Whitney Iles United Kingdom


Jordan Kerr

Australia flag Jordan Kerr Australia

Micah Scott

Australia flag Micah Scott Australia

Minto Felix

Australia flag Minto Felix Australia

Nicole Brown

Australia flag Nicole Brown Australia

Teri Fong

Fiji flag Teri Fong Fiji

Nalini Singh

New Zealand flag Nalini Singh New Zealand

Nancy Pela Polye

Papua New Guinea flag Nancy Pela Polye Papua New Guinea

Simon Peheinow

Papua New Guinea flag Simon Peheinow Papua New Guinea

Zillah Douglas

Solomon Islands flag Zillah Douglas Solomon Islands